Sunday, 13 November 2011

Harry Potter and the Draught Of Intoxication

The Fleetch and I were cooking casserole earlier. I do so enjoy cooking with her, partly because it's fun and partly because she insists we drink while we cook. I opened the alcohol cupboard and peered inside.

Me: So what do you want?

Fleetch: Gin. Give me gin.

Me: With what?

Fleetch: Whatever we have. GIVE. ME. GIN.

I poured the Fleetch a cocktail of gin, apple juice and some random pink mixers, hoping that the outcome would not be a horrific blend of flavour. I added extra gin just to be on the safe side.

Me: Taste this.

She tasted it cautiously.

Me: Is it... ginny enough?

Fleetch: It's perfectly Ginny! Ginny Weasley!

Me: Ha! That's awesome!

Fleetch: Makes me wish I could have a Ginny and Tonkic.

Me: Maybe I'll have Peach Snapes.

Fleetch: We have just found my new favourite game.

Me: Fancy a Vodka Krum?

Fleetch: Perhaps a Longbottom Iced Tea? Or a Harvey Wallgranger?

Me: Where will the Sorting Hat put you? Griffinschlager!

Fleetch: Bitch please. You know I'd be a Slytherin.

Me: Ugh, dude. Ravenclaw is clearly the superior house.

Fleetch: Shut your beautiful mouth.

And I did. But mainly because it was full of Peach Snapes. I shall leave you with that imagery.



  1. Ravenclaw is SO the superior house. And Vodka Krum? Is brilliant.

  2. Thanks! I did think that was my best effort so far, although Peach Snapes is my favourite.

    And agreed re: Ravenclaw - it's not even a question, surely? Gryffindors are reckless idiots, Slytherins are self-serving little buggers and Hufflepuffs are happy with glue, macaroni and safety scissors. Fact.