Thursday, 3 November 2011

Do It Like An Otterdude

Before I begin my madcap ramblings for the day, I want to say thanks to all my awesome friends on Twitter, who really took the Yo Momma thing yesterday and ran with it over the Inappropriate Horizon. I especially enjoyed the science-related Yo Momma jokes, because I am a massive nerd, and find particle physics hilarious. Humour is an individual thing, so I'm told. Anyway, let us saunter boldly into the sunset of Fleetchdom, while I relay the most recent conversation between me and my flatmate.

Me: Hey, Fleetch, check out  my horoscope for today. It's so amazing, I might actually pay attention to it for once.

Fleetch: Why, what does it say?

Me: "Rather than setting yourself up for disappointment, consider declaring the day a personal holiday instead. Anything you can do to stir up excitement is a good idea. Remember, you can always fulfill your responsibilities tomorrow." 

Fleetch: Did you write that yourself?

Me: Huzzah! The universe has spoken! Let the otter chaos commence!

Fleetch: That is pretty awesome.

Me: That's what yo momma said. Last night.

Fleetch: Uh huh.

Me:  In bed.

Fleetch: ...Uh huh.

Me: While I was touching her.

Fleetch: ... Yep.

Me: In a sexual manner.

Fleetch: .....Um.

Me: Do you see where I'm going with this?

Fleetch: I do, yes.

Me: Good.

There was a brief silence.

Me: (exiting the room) By the way, she says hello.

Fleetch: Mmm. Wait... what?!

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