Tuesday, 22 May 2012

A Tale Of Two Otter Blogs

Before I even begin this post properly, I'd like to note that the Cublet followed my previous blog post with a text asking if we could make a TV show called 'Pimp My Cane'. My friends are wonderful, if slightly unhinged, people, and I really do adore them all.

Now, onto some serious stuff! I have had my second story accepted onto Ether Books - the first, if you recall, was  'Hook and Line' which also sneaked onto an ebook by Raging Aardvark (which should in fact be published shortly on Smashwords as a free download, which I will shamelessly cajole/bribe/blackmail my friends/readers/random pedestrians into downloading) - and the new one is called 'Locks'. It's slightly more of a horror story, but in a more traditional way than 'Hook and Line' was. You can only get the Ether Books application on ipods and iphones at the moment, but there is some talk of branching out into Android at some point this year.

I'd be grateful for that move since I am attached (read: fused by the fingers) to my HTC, but I know some of my readers are rich enough to afford such exotic luxuries as iphones - mostly because I like to check the blog statistics to see what kind of operating system my readers are using, and how they found me (note to people who stumbled upon this blog by Googling phrases such as "penis tortoise" or "hot Irish women" - I apologise that I presumably did not provide the satisfaction you sought, and can only hope that you were at least faintly amused while you were here). So please do check out my stories here at http://www.etherbooks.com/EtherContent.aspx and you will receive many, many otterkisses if we ever meet.

I've also been contemplating something else; another blog. Woah, I hear you cry, in oddly harmonious unison. Woah there, little Otternator! You've got a day job and a day blog and you already don't sleep nearly as much as you should, which admittedly still isn't giving you the wrinkles you require to venture out into town ID-less, but we think Moar Life and possibly Moar Sun could help with that. Anyway. Is this wise? And to you, I'd say...well, probably not. But when have I ever chosen the wise option? I thought perhaps it could be another twitfic or perhaps even flash fiction site, but with the difference that I'd handpick the pieces myself. I already have an excellent name in mind - Does Your Mother Have Ninjas? - chosen from the excellent Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. What say you, readers?


  1. Ha, is this just to make use of the blog you already have but don't use? Which I'm aware of from clicking your profile!

    Sounds good, a contribution thing? I would contribute. I write serious things too when I'm not being silly. I put my serious face on and listen to haunting piano music while I do it. It's all terribly grown up and dark. Sometimes I swoop my fringe over my face. Oh, just remembered you look that in your profile pic, so now it sounds like I'm making fun of you. Which I'm not?


    I've probably pestered you enough for today. To somewhere else!

  2. The awesome thing about that name is that you can emphasise any word you like and it works.

    *Does* your mother have ninjas?
    Does *your* mother have ninjas?
    Does your *mother* have ninjas?
    Does your mother *have* ninjas?
    Does your mother have *ninjas*?

    Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit doooooo iiiiit.

  3. I did actually create that other one a while back, then I got shy, cold otterpaws about actually doing anything with it (also see section about not having time for the stuff I already do) - but if people are interested enough then it makes sense. I can put it up on Duotrope and everything. Fancy. Also, there is no such thing as too much pestering, especially if done to someone who once convinced their flatmate they were going to have built a ferret run on their bedroom ceiling by the time they got back from holiday (and I swear I nearly went through with it just to see the look on her face. Also I kind of wanted ferrets so I could reenact one of NPH's scenes from Starship Troopers)
    Mark - freaking Genius, I swear. I just spent 10 minutes saying all of those to myself and giggling hysterically. BUT DOES SHE? DOES SHE HAVE THOSE NINJAS? BECAUSE TESCO IS DOING A TWOFER.