Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Postcards to Zombies

Good morning all! Just a quick note to say that one of my (very) short pieces was accepted over at Postcard Shorts, link here - http://www.postcardshorts.com/read-903.html

It's only four lines, and it's basically about zombies, so you've got no reason not to clicky. Come on. I even made it obnoxiously yellow so you couldn't help but notice it. Clicky. You know you want to. Clicky. Just hover your mouse over the link and... almost... yes... clicky! Thank you.

I appreciate all your support and lovely words of encouragement. I will of course keep you all updated on future stories, whether short or long. I accept praise, constructive criticism, outright criticism with no sugar-coating, backhanded compliments, and pie.

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