Sunday, 4 December 2011

That's The Power Of Scarves

Today has been an awesome day in many respects. I went shopping with my parents and my cousin, which led to many amusing conversations. It turns out my mother has discovered a new hobby - making scarfs. She's using special wool, which means that they are not really knitted, but more like parted gently into a sea of strings. They do look very pretty, I admit.

Mum: (proudly showing me a green scarf) So, what do you think?

Me: (squinting) It... kind of looks like seaweed.

Mum: (indignantly) Oh, thanks!

Me: In a good way.

Mum: I made a red one too. Your dad got a bit too enthusiastic about the colour.

Dad: (enthusiastically) It was just so warm! I told her it would go incredibly well with a smart black blazer.

Me: That's very metrosexual of you. Well done.

Mum: Yes, and then he came downstairs later that evening with not a stitch on apart from the scarf and a black blazer.

Dad: And didn't it look fabulous?

Mum: Well... yes, I suppose it did.

Me: Ha!

Cousin: I don't know why you ever moved out. This is hilarious.

Me: Exactly this reason.

When I got home, the Fleetch was in her usual place on the couch, surrounded by cats, but before long she came bounding into my room.

Fleetch: Dude. I saw the best video ever on YouTube today.

Me: Oh really?

Fleetch: It's about scarves.

Me: You have my attention.

We watched this video through once without stopping, and spent the entire time squeeing in rapturous delight.

Me: Oh my god. This is the best video ever.

Fleetch: Isn't it? ISN'T IT?

Me: I can't believe I was limiting myself to so few ways to wear my scarf. The European Loop and the Modern One Loop were my staple scarf-moves.

Fleetch: I know, fleetch. I know.

Me: I was so blind and now I can see.

Fleetch: Let's watch again and do them all.

Me: Best. Idea. Ever.

And so we did. We mastered the Double Infinity, the Magic Trick and many more. Even the Mens Tie, which has given me problems in the past (due to my complete inability to follow instructions - see previous mentions of being unable to successfully put together Lego), was my bitch. Afterwards, we performed a small impromptu hugging joyful dance in celebration of the fact that we now have the ability to wear our accessories in different ways (in my case, my collection of 18 scarves, which I firmly believe is a reasonable number) which was possibly the gayest thing to happen in our flat for some time. We scarfed so good, otterminions. We scarfed all over the place. Now go forth and scarf others. I believe in you. And the power of scarves.


  1. No Thundercats reference? I'm disappointed, Scarf, Scarf.

    I too like a good scarf - will digest this video and put them into practice, a shiny new scarf having been knitted for me by the LOI recently :D

  2. I left it open for you, naturally :)

    Ooh, the LOI is scarf-knitting? She's a keeper! Someday I too will find myself a knitting wife. I imagine that she will dress both myself and the goat (in my futuredreams, I own a miniature goat called Penny Farthing) in fashionable wool accessories.

  3. by the stars! I had no idea! NO IDEA...

    Im watching it again...

  4. It's addictive, right? I shall never wear my scarf in a boring way again. E gads, man!