Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Winning Team

It was my birthday yesterday. I just want to say a huge, heartfelt thanks to all my friends and family for making it the Best Birthday Ever. If I learned anything from yesterday, it's that the awesome people in my life are approximately 64% more awesome than I initially realised. I also learned that odd things happen when I drink Goldschlager, but I fear that's a lesson I'll need to relearn over a period of years (and if anyone can explain to me why I woke up with my keys, wallet, phone and some plastic bullets in my bag then please venture suggestions). I don't think I embarrassed myself too much last night - I only made the You-Make-Kitty-Scared face once as far as I can remember and the interpretive dancing to certain songs was kept to minimal otter robot. I'm sure this will turn out not to be the case, but for now I am languishing in happy ignorance.

Oh and for those of you who read the previous post about the buckets - yes. Yes, I did.

I went to see my parents yesterday afternoon. Halfway through lunch, my dad started telling me about the round of golf he'd played earlier that day (three birdies) with some excitement. Mum, as usual, was rolling her eyes. Despite the fact that my dad has played golf for about 20 years, she's never bothered to learn the terms, and usually starts to glaze over pretty quickly. I admit my own knowledge of golf is limited to childhood caddying for my dad, and a few of the Tiger Woods PS3 games, but even I know what my dad means when he says he 'sliced' a shot. My dad began telling me about a conversation a couple of weeks previously between my parents, which went a little something like this:

Dad: (bursting through the front door with trophy held aloft) Champion! Champion!

Mum: Oh for god's sake. Another trophy?

Dad: (momentarily confused) I won it.

Mum: There's nowhere to put it.

Dad: What about over-

Mum: No, that'll ruin the look of the fireplace. You can put it in the spare bedroom.

Dad: (giving up) Fine, whatever. I WON! I am the greatest! How does it feel to be married to a winner?

Mum: Well, YOU'LL never know.

Dad: .......You're right.

I seriously love that I was spawned by these people. Bless their hearts.

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