Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Music Is My Hot Hot Otter

I tend to not know what I'm going to blog about next until it actually happens. I like to live my life dangerously on the edge of bloggerland. That's just how I roll, homies. Try reading that last sentence again in a Scottish accent. Yeah, the cool factor just went down a million points, didn't it?

I've somehow managed, despite hardly ever doing any exercise (although in hindsight that might be the crux of the issue) to sprain my foot. Not the ankle, or the toes, or any part I could name, just what I will refer to using the technical medical  term "the foot part of the foot". I've developed a listless dragging gait that makes people around me shy away, especially people in the street. It's not remotely zombie-like, guys, I swear. Put the gun down. No, seriously. Somebody's going to get poked in the eye. Just because I'm pale and quite often glazed over, staring into the distance, does not mean I'm one of the undead. Your discrimination is zombie-ist.

Anyway, like I was saying before I tangented wildly into the distance, my foot hurts. I came home early from work, took some painkillers and am resting the foot in the hope that this will cure it. I also started listening to some music, partly to take my mind off the foot and partly because its been a long time since I listened to any song on something as ancient and dated as an actual CD. Normally I use my ipod, which has many obvious benefits - no accidental skipping if you happen to clumsily smash it against something, holds a ridiculously huge amount of music and is small enough to fit in a pocket. However, there is something to be said for owning CDs. They are tangible things. If one CD scratches or breaks, you haven't lost your entire collection in one fell swoop. They have booklets inside which usually have lyrics or interesting information about the band, and some CDs have special hidden tracks which you can only hear by waiting a certain amount of time after the 'last' song has played. It's a different kind of experience altogether.

I've been influenced by my mother's love of 80/90s rock and my dad's obsession with all things Motown (which, by the way, is a damn odd mix to grow up with) and have developed a rather eclectic taste. I like almost everything, but here are my five favourite songs of the moment:

1. Music Is My Hot Hot Sex - CSS
2. Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac
3. Waltz #2 - Elliot Smith
4. Church - T-Pain
5. The Way I Push It - Salt 'n' Pepa versus Timbaland

See what I mean? Rather random. Incidentally, if I had a pair of kittens, I would call them Salt and Pepa, and every time they came in the room I would make Push It jokes ("oh, how cute, they're showing you how to become number one in a hot party show! Squee!" or "yo baby cat, yeah you, come here give me a kiss") The fun would be endless. Of course, I could name them Jesse and James and go in a totally different but equally geeky direction of Team Rocket jokes, or perhaps I'd be better calling them Holmes and Watson, thus taking a literary path to the wonderful world of Nerd.


  1. Fry and Laurie would be my choice for nerd kitty names, I reckon.

  2. Did you know the word 'Oran' is Celtic for both 'song' and 'otter'? Apt, don't you think? :-D xx

  3. Ha, awesome to both of the above. Maybe I should rename myself Oranator instead of Otternator.