Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Otter's Fortune

As a brief aside before I start this short post, I'd like to inform you that the number of ladybirds traipsing through our house, treating it like some sort of ladybird hotel, has risen to 11. This of course is merely the number I have personally witnessed. The cats may be withholding information about the amount of ladybird traffic. Perhaps they have been offered bribes. I reckon a couple of Dentabits and some DeFurrUm and they'd be anybody's minion.

I began playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune last night. I know, I know, I'm way behind the times. Blame Mass Effect. And y'know, the internet. And everything. In any case, I played for about 3 hours and really enjoyed it. It's a decent mix of everything I like in a game, and includes shiny little treasures scattered around the place which are worryingly satisfying to collect. However during one section, in which Drake was required to look at a picture of four objects, and then push the buttons around the room which had each object on them, in numerical order, the Sloth and I had the following conversation:

Sloth: Whatcha gonna do?

Me: I'm going to name them.

Sloth: ...What?

Me: So I can memorise them easily.

Sloth: (gaping at me) Um. Okay.

Me: (concentrating) So let's see. This one is Shape, and this one is Guy With Big Hand, and this one is Spider Kitten, and this one is....

There was a brief pause.

Me: Angry Moon. Yeah, Angry Moon.

Sloth: (struggling to suppress laughter) Angry. Moon.

Me: Well he DOES look like an angry moon.

Sloth: (no longer hiding laughter) I love you and your way with words.

Me: (semi pleased, semi sulking) Well... good.

If you've played this, you know I'm right.

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