Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Needs A Little Polish

It's a good day when I come into work and the first thing Wetsoks says to me is not "have you seen this dead guy" or "click this link, it's safe for work, honestly" or "look at what happens when you get eaten by piranhas in this series of increasingly graphic photos", all before I've had breakfast, so in comparison this morning's conversation made me very happy.

Me: Good morning buddy.

Wetsoks: Cào nǐ zǔzōng shíbā dài. Ask me what it means!

Me: Oh good grief. Okay, what does it mean?

Wetsoks: Fuck your ancestors to the 18th generation!

Me: I'm not sure whether to be impressed or affronted.

Wetsoks: I learned it from a fic. It's Chinese Mandarin. I love the Chinese.

Me: What's not to love - their food, their insults... It's all good.

Wetsoks: DONG. It means giggles.

Me: Stop making me dong at my desk  *wink*

Wetsoks: Heh.

Me: Okay, in return let me teach you a word of Polish. Say "vol o vina", spelled 'wolowina'. With a funny little stroke on the L.

Wetsoks: Okay. What's that?

Me: Beef.

Wetsoks: Lol. The important words come first, obviously.

Me: Yep. I also learned the word for 'now'. To impress Sloth's parents when we go over there next month.

Wetsoks: You're going to impress your girlfriend's parents by bellowing "BEEF NOW" at them in the language of their people?

Me: Pretty much. I mean, wouldn't that work on you?

Wetsoks: I guess it would.

Me: I rest my case.

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