Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Otter, It's Cold Outside

I made it to work this morning in spite of a mild blizzard. After struggling in, apparently having to do a lot more effort to simply walk than other pedestrians around me appeared to, I was more than mildly annoyed by this.

Wetsoks: Bonjour, Guten Tag, Bom Dia. That's all the languages I know.

Me: Hola menina.

Wetsoks: What?


Wetsoks: Ah. Well done.

Me: The wind blew me off the pavement on the way in.

Wetsoks: Dude.

Me: I know. I need to put on weight. The world owes me a lot of cake.

Wetsoks: I'm not sure if you noticed but its snowing.

Me: Yes, I goddamn noticed.

Wetsoks: It's windy here too. But that might just be me *cymbal noise*  And something I use digitally for work is broken so I'm using pen and paper.

Me: Ah, the Amish way.

Wetsoks: Oppum Amish Style!

Me: Heeeey, puritanical laaaady! *bonnet dance* By the way, I despise that song. Can we relegate it to 2012 and not speak about it again?

Wetsoks: No.

Me: I thought as much. The world owes me more cake for this. MOAR. CAKE.

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