Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Organ Donors

I came into work yesterday morning, and had only just logged into my computer when a message from Wetsoks flashed up on instant messenger.

Wetsoks: (brightly) Morning buddy!

Me: Morning, brah.

There was a pause of several seconds.

Wetsoks: Is it too early to show you pictures of a dead guy?

Me: I.... can you wait til 10am?

Wetsoks: Okay!

Me: I just need a coffee first. And then you can show me all the dead guys you want. Wait. I didn't mean that.

Wetsoks: It's not gory.

Me: Thank god. It's from Reddit, I assume?

Wetsoks: Yep.

Me: Are we normal?

Wetsoks: Yep.

After examining the photo, which was some poor guy who'd smashed headfirst into a lorry while on his motorobike, I had some questions.

Me: It's a pity the helmet didn't save him. How come he's barefoot?

Wetsoks: Shoes flew off. Apparently they were found a bit further away.

Me: Huh. Buddy, if that happens to me, could you do me a favour and put my shoes back on?

Wetsoks: Crocs?

Me: NO.

There was a brief pause.

Wetsoks: Dude ...I kind of want a motorbike.

Me: So do I. The internet has taught us nothing today. In fact, I believe it has actually somehow decreased the common sense I previously possessed.

Wetsoks: (sagely) The internet is a cruel and unyielding mistress.

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