Friday, 27 April 2012

Shiny Shiny Peck Peck

I have some news, dear otterlings. The news is twofold, so I'll start with the most important thing first - I have a new jacket. Remember what happened the last time I bought a jacket? (link here -

This time I decided to go for a winter coat, regardless of the fact that we are almost in May, because let's face it - this is Scotland and sun is something we only glimpse for three days every year. So, with this in mind and my paycheck sizzling and burning a hole in my pocket, I chose a long military coat from Superdry. It's black. It's suave. It cost a lot more than I wanted to pay. Basically it was everything a coat should be, except that it has one massive design flaw - there are, for some totally implausible reason, zip teeth around the pockets. This does actually look quite pretty, but it means that every time I put my hands in said pockets, the zip teeth graze my skin rather sharply. It would be correct to say that I have in fact just paid £150 for a jacket which bites me.

The second part is, if I'm honest, slightly more exciting than my new jacket. As some of you know, although I didn't broadcast it particularly loudly out of sheer shyness, I was awarded the Cazart Short Story prize for February. This was one of the first competitions I ever entered, and it gave me a massive boost of confidence to push myself harder. I received news on Sunday that my entry into the Flashbang 2012 crime competition has now been longlisted among 24 others. I may not make it any further, but I'm amazed and totally grateful for the credit I can now add to my writing CV.

Otterkisses to all of you, and have a great weekend!

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