Monday, 10 October 2011

The League of Extraordinary Shark Knights

I mentioned the Shark Knight joke in a previous post, but for those of you who didn't read that (shame on you, it was a pretty good one) I'll explain. My friends and I went to see a film called Shark Night 3D at the cinema a couple of weeks ago, and the general consensus was that it was awful. It's not like we expected it to be great, after all it was essentially a B-movie plot ramped up to suit the summer blockbuster needs of the masses, but it had been described as a combination of 'Saw' and 'Jaws' which sounded good but in fact was a great big pants-on-fire lie. The Fleetch decided that Shark Knights would have been a better title, and went off for some time on a tangent about how sharks would ride elephants in jousting tournaments (the physical handicaps sharks face in having fins and not hands with which to hold the lances was breezily brushed over and ignored). So when one of my friends spotted a local job advertisement for a position as Panda Team Leader at Edinburgh Zoo, the following email conversation occurred. I have put it in conversational form because it is easier on the eye this way, and dare I say, snappier.

The Sarahnator:I want to have a team of giant pandas. With this team I will rule the world.

Me: Ah but remember your arch-enemies, the villainous league of Shark Knights who ride their death elephants o'er the lands of man. 

Fleetch: Yeah, I would ride through with my great white sharks on elephants and trample your giant panda team. Sorry.

The Sarahnator: Ah but you forget, my giant pandas are riding on giant rhinos and are quite unbeatable.

Fleetch:  My elephants wear crocodiles like slippers on their front stumpy legs, and have manes of various poisonous snakes. Your rhinos are about to get SERVED.

The Sarahnator: My rhinos are steampunk zombies and have no fear of crocodiles or snakes. 

Me: Are the rhinos wearing Victorian period garb? Wait, no, that would only hinder them in battle.

Fleetch: I also have a Trogdor.

Me: Trogdor!


Me: Trogdor was a man.

Fleetch: He was a dragon man.

Me: Actually, he was just a dragon. But he was still TROGDOR!

If you've never heard of Trogdor, I urge you to watch this video now. It is a hilarious clip from the cartoon Strongbad, and a genius song.

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